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Welcome to RadioSet-GO, your source for unique, trail friendly QRP radio designs; simple, efficient, portable, and attractive all-in-one low power CW transceivers.

Whether you want to communicate across town, or across the ocean, RSG can help you with a radio that is easy and fun to use - at home, or even better, outside; at a park, hiking or camping. Amateur radio is an amazing hobby, but who wants to be stuck inside on a beautiful day? It's time to carry your HAM shack in a backpack!

A man in the distance fishes for fish in the sea,
While I'm set up with a radio on the beach,
Fishing for any signals there might be.

Even with a primitive wire antenna,
Strung up only a few feet horizontally,
I am able to communicate thousands of miles,

Hanz has put his first redesigned YouKits HB1B quad-band QRP transceiver to the test in various outdoor locations, including at a beach in Wells, Maine, pictured above.


Get active and relax in the sun, breath fresh air and enjoy a beautiful view while communicating with people in distant lands (or even at sea) using your low power radio transceiver. You will meet people near and far. Those who are curious will certainly ask you what you are up to, so expect some attention where you set up.

RSG designs are ideal for casual enjoyment, but are also suited for emergency situations as 'go-kits.' The enclosures used are water resistant and solar charging can be integrated. I know from the experience of outdoor operating that the less there is to take along, the easier and faster it is to set up, with less chance of forgetting something. With these radios, the only extra equipment needed to make contacts is a resonant wire antenna, or antenna/tuner combination.

radio? set......... GO!