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RadioSet-GO DIY QRP kits

RadioSet-GO is preparing to offer Do-It-Yourself upgrade kits for the YouKits HB-1A/B transceivers. If you would prefer to save the labor cost of me doing the work for you, and would enjoy such a project, this might be the perfect option. Perhaps you already have a YouKits HB-1A/B, enjoy how it works, and would like to convert it yourself.

The kit would include all of the components and hardware necessary (other than the HB transceiver, you would need to order that from YouKits) a pre-cut and drilled anodized aluminum control panel with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the conversion. It would be highly recommended that you have some experience with soldering, good attention to details, and be comfortable working with small parts. You would also need your own tools, including; a soldering iron, solder sucker, small wire clippers, wire strippers, and needle nose pliers, a small screwdriver set, small allen wrenches, pointed exacto blade, and multi-meter...


The cost of the kit will be ~ $300 + shipping, and I expect to have them available by June 2015.

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