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Transceiver type
: (deselect if you will send me an HB transceiver you have).

Battery capacity: 2Ah is standard allowing for ~ half day of casual operation between charges. 4Ah is enough capacity for ~ a full day

Touch keyer: Standard allows speed control on the fly via pot with many programmable settings. Basic uses the HB's built-in keyer and speed is adjusted in a menu option.

Enclosure color: Select a preferred enclosure color (images below)

Panel color: Select a control panel - made from lexan sheet.

LCD backlight color and type: (images below)

Speaker cover: Round, anodized aluminum - select a color.

Built-in straight key: A micro switch built into the edge of the enclosure, a way to send additional to the touch keyer.

Parts and labor: Parts are needed & ~20 hours of labor

International shipping: If you are outside the U.S. an additional shipping charge is required.

All orders are shipped insured and include; the transceiver, charger and basic documentation. There is a 1 year limited warranty covering failure of components not due to improper use or uncareful handling.

This is a commission for Hanz, W1JSB to build the radio as selected.

Wait time might be several weeks for parts to arrive and the work to be completed.
This is a one man operation, please be patient!


Enclosure color options

Be aware that the newer Pelican boxes have a slightly different
latch and handle style than shown in the images below.

LCD color and type options

White - Transflective

White & Blue - Transmissive

Pure Green - Transflective

Yellow Green - Transflective

Blue - Transflective