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Converted HB-1B MK1 for sale

YouKits HB-1B MK1 Quad-band QRP CW transceiver (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m)

- built into a watertight, locking Pelican enclosure
- dark tinted control panel
- integrated capacitive touch keyer with memories and speed control on the fly
- stylish LED zero beat tuning indicator around the dial
- large, illuminated (white) main LCD display
- receives 3.2-16MHz in sideband and CW modes (will cross mode TX in CW)
- 2Ah li-ion rechargeable battery installed (includes charger)
- LCD battery monitor (voltage, current draw, %, totem, time remaining)
- draws as low as 58mA on receive in 'day mode'
- output (using battery power) is 3w on 20m, 4.5w on 30m & 40m, and 5w on 80m
- good receive sensitivity
- continuously variable IF filter down to 400Hz
- built in audio amplifier and 2w speaker
- jacks for charger/external DC power, headphones, straight key or other keyer-paddle
- weighs 3lbs