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- Youkits HB-1A MK1 tri-band QRP CW transceiver

- 5-16MHz continuous receive CW/LSB/USB modes
- Transmits on 20m, 30m, and 40m bands
(7.0-7.3MHz, 10.1-10.15 MHz,14.0-14.35 MHz)
- 20 programmable memory channels

- Crystal filter - 4 bandwidths, selectable 2.2-1.6KHz SSB & 900-400Hz CW
- RF output (on battery power) 40m 4.5w / 30m 3.5w / 20m 3w

~150mA draw on S9 receive (~32 hours between charges)
~800mA draw on transmit (~6 hours keydown between charges)

- High quality, rechargeable 8 cell, 14.4v 4.8Ah li-ion battery with charger
- Toggle switch between internal battery/charger and external DC power source
- Analog battery monitor and SWR/power meter
- Built in audio amplifier and speakers
- Integrated electronic touch keyer with memories (just touch the rounded endcaps to send)
- Adjustable sending speed 5-50WPM on the fly
- Almost QSK keying.. nice sounding sidetone at 700Hz

- Ports: charger, external key, earphones, BNC antenna
- Pelican, water resistant enclosure with latching lid, carrying handle, rubber feet
- 8.5"w x 7"d x 3.75"h x 3lbs