The business

RadioSet-GO is an electronics business in Canterbury, NH

RadioSet-GO is a small, in-house electronics business, located in Canterbury, NH, just north of Concord and 80 miles north of Boston. It is independently owned and operated by me, Johann 'Hanz' Busch, call sign W1JSB. I have been building, converting, and retrofitting radios for over twelve years.

Since this is a single person operation at the moment, and not my primary job, hours of operation are limited to 4PM-9PM EST, Monday-Friday, and as time allows on the weekends. 

If you have any problems with RadioSet-GO equipment, need replacement parts, are interested in upgrades, or to request a custom build, feel free to contact me.

Many thanks for supporting a small business and U.S. labor. I am happy to provide the radio community with high quality, innovative products. It is rewarding to see pictures and video of the gear being used in a variety of environments, so please send me pictures, links, and stories!   Read more here.

Our team

Johann 'Hanz' Busch, W1JSB, owner and operator

I have been a licensed ham radio operator for 21 years, and enjoy QRP CW.

My 'regular' day job is in Assembly and Test at Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing, in Tilton, NH where I have worked since 2017. This video is dated, but still gives an idea of what we do.

I was hired to tune small-cell (cellphone) infrastructure, but I also work on many other things in electronic manufacturing. Primarily, I do hand soldering, and enjoy developing my skills while working on assemblies of all sorts - from boards with large components that require two irons at once, to very small surface mount parts that get soldered finely under a microscope.

Having my work regularly inspected makes me strive to create high quality products, and to apply the same knowledge and skills to RadioSet-GO. Through Spinnaker I received IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) & 7711/21 (Rework and Repair) training and certification.   Read more here.