Elecraft KX2 retrofit V1

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Send your Elecraft KX2 here to be retrofitted. Price includes parts and labor, you provide a KX2.

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RadioSet-GO will install your Elecraft KX2 into a rugged, water-tight Pelican enclosure. (The box has a latching lid and convenient carrying handle. Black is the default, but there are a few other color options, as listed.) The transceiver will be mounted to a black, anodized aluminum control panel which has engraved and infilled labeling. The panel fits tightly into the Pelican case and is secured with standoff spacers.

***New as of 2019*** An aluminum heatsink with thermally conductive material is added to help the KX2's transmitter dissipate heat. An optional upgrade adds a PWM controlled fan with temperature sensing and automatic throttle to further improve cooling while optimizing power usage. It is quiet at full speed, and nearly silent when idle. The control panel is also vented.

All original KX2 jacks are extended to the front panel so you can use any accessories you normally would. A 2Ah (or optional 4Ah) internal, rechargeable li-ion battery with PCB and fuse protection is added. It is wired in a way to allow charging while installed via a dedicated charging jack. Another jack can be used to run the transceiver and accessories from an external DC power source. The transceiver automatically switches to the higher voltage source and a RadioSet-GO designed circuit mirrors the ON/OFF state of the KX2 to the accessories, which defaults to internal battery and draws from external DC when present.

Two front facing 5 watt speakers with stereo amplification produce clean, strong, room filling audio - many times better than the built-in speaker. Left and right audio channels are maintained so it is possible to use the simultaneous dual frequency receive feature of the KX2 without needing earphones. An analog zero-beat tuning circuit illuminates LEDs across the panel making it fun to tune CW stations in quickly. (This compliments the KX2 feature which auto zero-beats a close station, and is helpful for crowded band conditions or contesting.)

Integrated touch keys (which are rounded end caps) allow for fast and accurate CW sending without the need of any additional external key or the possibility of mechanical failure. They are mounted through the Pelican box, on the front right side by default.

All original KX2 features and functions are preserved or enhanced by this conversion. If you ever decide you don't like it, with some simple tools it is easy to take the radio out of the enclosure and return it back to its original form.

Outer dimensions: 8.5" width, 7" depth, 4" height.
Weight: 3lbs 3oz

Price includes parts and labor, YOU PROVIDE A KX2.

Don't have a KX2 but want one like this? I recommend that you order a KX2 from Elecraft, get familiar with it, and send it here to be retrofitted. Alternatively, you can order a KX2 from Elecraft and have it sent directly here to be retrofitted.