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YouKits HB-1B conversion

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This is an example of previous work and is not for sale. Contact me if you are interested in a custom build similar to this.

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· receives 3.2-16MHz (can be used for shortwave listening)
· transmits CW on the 80, 40, 30, and 20m bands (MK1 and 2 versions)
· able to transmit CW while receiving SSB for cross-mode operation
· selectable tuning step: 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 100KHz
· 30 programmable memory channels
· ~4 watts output with internal battery power, up to 5 watts with external DC source
· 80-120mA current draw on receive, 980-1010mA on transmit
· ~2Ah 18650 rechargable li-ion battery with charger
· 700Hz side tone
· adjustable keying delay down to full-break-in QSK (MK2 version)
· continuously variable IF filter 3KHz - 400Hz
· attenuator
· RIT (Receive Incremental Tuning) allows for 10Hz or 100Hz tuning
· jacks; BNC antenna connection, charger/external DC source (selectable with toggle), 1/8" headphone, 1/8" external key


· lockable, rugged pelican water tight enclosure, with latching lid, pressure regulator, rubber feet, carrying handle,
laminated amateur radio map of the world with prefixes adhered to the inside of the lid
· 8.5"w x 7"d x 3.75"h x 3 lbs. (with 2Ah battery)
· neatly arranged and convenient user interface with polycarbonate control panel (plans for machined, anodized aluminum)
· large, crisp, backlit LCD screen, displays: frequency/memory, mode, voltage, S meter, relative output power, RIT
· standard 2Ah internal li-ion battery, upgrade to 4, 6, or 8Ah (700mA wall charger)
· illuminated LCD battery monitor and timer displays remaining capacity, % with totem/voltage/current draw/charge state
· LED tuning indicator adds a unique, visually appealing and helpful way to 'zero-beat' a received signal
· audio amplifier with large, built-in speaker produces loud and clear audio
· integrated electronic touch-keyer allows for easy and accurate sending using externally mounted end-cap 'touch keys'
· adjustable sending speed 5-50WPM on the fly with POT. memory keying, beacon mode, and many programmable settings
· toggle switch between day and night modes to turn zerobeat indicator and LCD backlight OFF/ON