Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1
  • Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1

Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1


The Elecraft KX3 + PX3 retrofit V1 does not include a KX3 or PX3. You must either send these in to be retrofitted, or you may order an install-it-yourself kit.


This retrofit uses a Pelican 1400 case (available in black, green, orange, yellow, tan, or silver) which provides excellent protection and convenience for a completely streamlined radio station that is ready to go! The design is ideal for desktop operation at home while being ready to take to a park, on a trip, or for emergency communications where longer run times at higher power is needed, without sacrificing any enhancements.

The enclosure is rugged, watertight, and lockable, with a carrying handle and rubber bumpers that grip tabletops or other surfaces nicely. An optional laminated world map with call sign prefixes is adhered to the inside of the lid. Alternatively, the lid may also be used to hold a tablet or smartphone for digital modes, logging, etc. A high quality, anodized aluminum control panel with etched, infilled labeling is secured to the enclosure with six standoffs. Two 12-watt front facing speakers produce incredible volume and audio frequency response. The enclosure functions like a speaker box and a stereo audio amplifier preserves the KX3's dual receive feature.

Fitted with an internal heatsink and a pair of fans that circulate air throughout the enclosure, the KX3's finals are kept cool and can run at higher power for longer. LEDs across the control panel function as a stylish zerobeat indicator, allowing the operator to quickly and easily tune in CW stations without needing to enable the CWT feature of the KX3. Zerobeat indication can be turned on/off, sensitivity adjusted, and tone set with a switched potentiometer that has detents around the rotation. An integrated capacitive touch key circuit allows fast and accurate CW sending with metal end cap contacts.

Internal battery options:

Li-ion (18650 3S4P packs) from TEnergy 10-12.6V (11.1V nominal) 2.2, 4.4, 6.6, or 8.8Ah
These options come with a 1A or 3A wall charger. Li-ion has higher energy density (lighter).

LiFePO4 (18650 4S6P packs) from BatterySpace 9.2-14.6V (12.8V nominal) 4.5 or 9Ah
These options come with a 1.5A wall charger. LiFePO4 is the choice for solar charging, and the nominal voltage is higher for longer runs at full power.

PCB protection is integrated for over charge and short circuit. Packs are secured to the case with mounting tape and aluminum brackets. Lever nuts allow the battery packs to be changed out easily without soldering.

Current draw on receive:

KX3 - 215mA
PX3 - 165mA
etc. - 48mA

TOTAL - 428mA

Other options:

If your KX3 has the optional VHF transverter, an SMA panel jack and coax jumper can be installed. A binding post ground terminal makes connecting a counterpoise simple, and a vertically oriented BNC jack is ideal for Elecraft's portable, telescopic AX1 antenna. Another available option is a small, flexible microphone that stows easily inside the case while still plugged in.

The retrofit was designed by me, and uses high quality components that are sourced from the U.S. as much as possible.