Elecraft KX2 retrofit V2
  • Elecraft KX2 retrofit V2

Elecraft KX2 retrofit V2


The Elecraft KX2 retrofit V2 does not include a KX2. You must either send one in to be retrofitted, or you may order an install-it-yourself kit.


Standard features:

- Pelican 1150 case (available in different colors)
- high quality anodized aluminum control panel, with etched labeling
- dual, 12-watt, front facing speakers, with stereo amplifier
- dual cooling fans (low/off/high selectable)
      - fan 1 for included heatsink 
      - fan 2 for exhaust vent
      - second vent is a passive intake


- Li-ion or LiFePO4 batteries installed
- LED zerobeat indicator
- capacitive touch keying
- flex mic